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Reliable and Accurate Machinery and Welding

Prevent mechanical problems from occurring before it’s too late when you count on the detail-oriented machinists at Snoe Inc., Machining and Welding. We are a Caldwell, Texas-based machining and welding company that offers accurate and reliable services globally. Whether you need a small project or large machinery worked on, you can count on us to have it ready for your operation.

Man Welding a Pipeline

Pipeline Valves

From using original materials all the way to the field, we manufacture pipeline valve units for companies in the gas and oil industry. Each unit that comes out of our facility can easily be installed directly to the field. These valves are ideal for operations on the ocean floor, as well as the fields in Dubai and other places around the world. They are designed and manufactured to meet the exact specifications of your drawings. We will make any necessary adjustments to ensure they retain the highest quality and condition.

Flowline Pup Joints

It is important your flowline pup joints have been tested prior to installation. At Snoe Inc., Machining and Welding, we hydro test and check the steel of each pup joint to ensure there are no cracks or deficiencies. All testing is done in-house as we verify each valve and pup joint is capable of withstanding the amount of pressure required to operate safely and effectively in the field. From starting with raw materials and assembling these pup joints, to in house-testing. We ensure each piece manufactured is ready for immediate use in the field before it leaves our facility.